Small houses will keep the Vineyard healthy


To the Editor:

The average house size in America in the 1960s was 1,200 square feet.

Two thousand square feet of house is big, and 5,000 is huge, yet 10,000 and bigger is becoming commonplace. If everyone builds out to zoning capacity, not only will the bird and other animal populations dwindle because of habitat destruction but the middle class would get priced out too. (Not to mention the drain on natural resources).

We put up a bird feeder outside our home in Gay Head. It was gift from my daughter, Dylan, to her daddy. Almost immediately hundreds of birds flocked to it, and she was beyond excited to see the cardinals, chickadees, warblers and many, many more. It’s my wish for her that they return every year. Let’s keep the Vineyard healthy and limit housing size here. I applaud the Chilmark planning board for addressing this important issue.

Kaysea and Dylan Hart