Led Zeppelin tribute band brought a “whole lotta love” to Dreamland

Kirk Tharpe, left, and Mike Cence of Dazed on stage at Dreamland. — Photo by Susan Safford

Margie Thompson of Oak Bluffs wanted to do something to honor her brother, Mark Wojnilo, who died two years ago. He was a big Led Zeppelin fan, so she found the Zeppelin tribute band Dazed and brought them down to Dreamland in Oak Bluffs on Saturday night, April 20, Mark’s birthday.

Ms. Thompson decided to donate the proceeds of the concert, $550, to Greg and Heather Arpin, whose rented house on Kim’s Way in Oak Bluffs was destroyed in a fire this past February. Ms. Thompson works with Mr. Arpin at the Martha’s Vineyard Airport and he has helped her with some of her brother’s estate issues.

Maria Wojnilo, Ms. Thompson’s mother, came from off Island for the concert as did a couple of dozen family members and friends. The event was a success, if only in spirit, as the band, a collection of accomplished part-time musicians who met on Craigslist several years ago, entertained a crowd that may have been a little thin as a result of spring vacation week and other Island music activities.

Dazed was far from confused as they played hard rocking sets from the Zeppelin catalogue of rock classics. The vocal range and intensity of lead singer Mike Cence’s performance was a close match to Robert Plant’s originals and the band had no trouble keeping up.

Ms. Thompson said she hopes to repeat the concert next year.