The players need a place to stay


To the Editor:

We have less than two months to go before the MV Sharks start to play again at the Vineyard Baseball Park. Two months to go and we still need host families for half of the team. Please, please, please, if you have space in your home and your heart, consider hosting one or two of these kids.

This will be my third summer hosting and I have no regrets. The Sharks are a summer collegiate league team that plays from early June to the beginning of August. They play most every day, either here or at off-Island parks.

I know there are families out there that can do it and who would enjoy it too. If you have a young ballplayer at home, it’s a great experience for your child. If you just love baseball, it’s so much fun to go to the games.

Please consider it. Martha’s Vineyard is such a giving community, I can’t believe there aren’t folks out there willing to help. Please go to for hosting info.

Thank you so much in advance, from the whole 2013 team. We’re counting on you.

Jessica Burnham


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