Somehow I missed this in the Boston Globe: When you have been working in the yard, take your clothes off and put them in the dryer on high for 15 minutes. It kills ticks. Then wash your clothes, for obvious reasons. Whether you just like to garden or lawn mowing is your job, you can easily protect yourself. Soap and water won’t kill ticks, only high heat will.

Especially for children, but all who suffer from allergies this time of year: don’t bring the allergens into the house. Remove your clothing when you come in and put clothes in a plastic bag until you wash them. Otherwise, you cannot see many of the allergens, but they are on your clothes. Kids roll on the floor or lie on the bed, depositing the allergens there and on chairs, walls, etc. Even clothes in a hamper will spread the allergens through the air, making your reactions worse.

The reception held at the Tisbury Senior Center for John Grande was a great success. I have heard from many townspeople who were so pleased to meet with our new Town Administrator. He is a wonderful choice and made a very favorable impression on all who saw and heard him. Many said he made them feel more a part of what is going on in our town. What more could we ask? Congratulations to the selectmen for making this good choice.

Washington has nothing on us. The forsythia and daffodils brighten every corner and the Bradford pear trees are a splendor to behold. Aren’t we lucky someone thought ahead to plant these for us to enjoy.

Grace Church says they had no choice. The cost dictates new prices for lobster rolls starting tomorrow. Now $17, the cost still includes chips and beverage, available from 4–7:30 pm on Fridays all summer. The crew promises to continue serving the same large, high quality lobster rolls as always, which you have voted Best of the Vineyard for the past six years. You can still get hot dogs and a slice of pie.

Betty Burton announced Game Night will be held every Tuesday in May. Age 18 and over are invited for Scrabble, cribbage, and cards.

Tom Dresser has a new book: “Women of Martha’s Vineyard” has biographies of 15 prominent women who made significant contributions to the Island community. From Tisbury he selected Katharine Cornell, Lillian Hellman, and Helen Lamb, each well-known across the Island. Tom suggests his book makes a great gift for Mother’s Day. You can find it at Bunch of Grapes. Tom will be speaking about his new book next Wednesday at the V.H. Library at 7 pm.

This Sunday is the last Sunday afternoon that our library will be open until next fall.

While West Tisbury builds its new library, Nelia and Amy continue reading to children three and under at our library. The next visit is on Thursday, May 9, at 10:30 am.

I thought nettles were nasty stinging weeds. Turns out they are a tasty spring treat. Felix Neck hosts a festival celebrating wild spring greens on Sunday from 10 to 2. The festival includes a local wild food potluck, live music, and it’s free for all. Cooking demos begin at 10 am, from fresh pasta with wild greens to nettles spanikopita and soups, weather permitting. Classes are $5. You can even buy nettles.

The Martha’s Vineyard Center for Living will get a cut of the proceeds from both Sharky’s Restaurants on Tuesday. Enjoy great food and support the Center’s programs.

The results of a UNICEF study are startling. 29 countries were reviewed in a study called “Child Well Being in Rich Countries” and the U.S. came in 24th out of 29. We only do better than Latvia, Lithuania, and Romania. Our neighbors’ children are among the most needy in the world.

Saturday evening at 4 pm the MV Film Center will show “A Place at the Table,” co-sponsored by the Vineyard Committee on Hunger. This documentary shows how hunger poses economic, cultural, and social problems for our country. The film will be followed by a discussion with people working to address food insecurity and poverty here on Martha’s Vineyard. Learn more about how you can help.

Did you vote? No complaining if you did not do your part.

Sunday is Cinco de Mayhew in our house. Best wishes for a very happy anniversary to our son, Craig Mayhew, and his lovely wife, Laura.

Big bunches of birthday balloon wishes go out today to Herb Ward. Wish the best on Saturday to Anne Duarte. Garry Metters parties on Wednesday.

Heard on Main Street: If you don’t email this bad joke to all your unsuspecting friends, your hard drive will kill your mouse.