Defend Katama from the noise


To the Editor:

Once again, the management/owners of the Field Club have decided to stretch the limits of their permit approvals to better meet their needs at the expense of the community.

This Saturday, May 11, the Field Club will host an event from 7 pm until 11 pm in the residential neighborhood of Katama, where I live. The permit held by the Field Club owners specifically prohibits amplified music. In a letter from their attorney, they specifically stated that, “There will not be amplified music that can be heard by neighboring properties, and the applicant shall conform to all Edgartown zoning by-laws relative to same.”

The Edgartown building inspector has interpreted this provision to mean someone must complain. Last year, he sat near my house, which is impacted only if the wind is blowing in a specific direction. He did not check the neighborhood, and if others have complained he did not tell me.

The MVC does not have the resources to enforce their decisions, so they rely on local authorities. If you live in the Katama section of Edgartown and want to see the Field Club permit enforced, call the building inspector’s office if you hear music that night, or any other night for that matter.

The Field Club was granted its permit based on promises and commitments it made to the community. Their owners and investors would not hesitate demanding compliance if their homes were being impacted like this, so we shouldn’t stand for it either.

By the way, Edgartown laws specify no noise from the rest of us after 10 pm, so even if the Field Club felt they were no longer held to their permit conditions, shouldn’t they be required to comply with existing laws? Why doesn’t the Edgartown Board of Trade look for another venue before bringing this to an otherwise quiet neighborhood? The Harbor View and Dreamland are permitted and better equipped for these kinds of events.

There is already enough noise in downtown Edgartown, and there is no need to spread into residential neighborhoods. Defend your neighborhood; call the building inspector’s office at 508-627-6115.

David Nash


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