Poets Corner: A Library on a Hill


A Library on a Hill

Across from a cemetery entrance, a large white structure


Massive doors that open, to a myriad of rooms.

Downstairs to the left, upstairs to the right,

So much yet to see, for the moment, just out of sight.

Cabinets of local lore, other items on display;

Perhaps more around the corner, in other rooms, I dare say.

A reading room for children, colored picture books that

catch their eye;

Mothers capture a quiet moment, as they sit down with a


Two entrances in the rear, next to a large parking lot;

Images race through my mind as I enter, what subject?

What plot?

Inside the entranceway, books for sale, magazines for free.

I spy a New Yorker; that will fill my sister with glee.

Peering at neatly stacked books, as I wander;

What to choose? Perhaps a novel, I ponder.

My favorite century, the 19th, comes to mind;

Jane Austen, Virginia Woolf, other authors of that time.

I approach the counter, where librarians seek hard-to-find

books for me;

Competent and so thorough, a constant solace, you see.

As I wend my way home, book in hand, all becomes

suddenly still;

But I know the Oak Bluffs Library awaits my return,

that fountain of knowledge… up on a hill.

Norman S. Reed has traveled the world over, using up 3½; passports, but now relaxes on the Vineyard where he spends his time reading non-fiction, metal-detecting, and pursuing his favorite hobby: water coloring.