Stop expanded oil drilling off the East Coast


To the Editor:

I recently signed a “We the People” petition written by Ted Danson and Oceana, to stop the expansion of offshore drilling off the East Coast.

The Obama administration is considering allowing seismic airgun testing in the Atlantic Ocean. This testing is the precursor to offshore drilling and also incredibly harmful in its own right. It is performed by shooting intensely loud blasts of compressed air, every 10 seconds, 24 hours a day for weeks or months on end. According to a Department of the Interior study, it will injure/kill more than 138,000 whales and dolphins, if allowed to proceed.

Pathways Projects and Marianne Goldberg recently invited me to co-host a screening of 2012 Blue Ocean Film Festival’s Cinematography Award winner, Planet Ocean for USA Earth Day, April 22. As we become more aware of the critical role of the ocean in all our lives, I’m happy to see many people and organizations getting involved. We are fortunate to have so many working on the Vineyard in sustainable shellfishing, conservation, education, and non-profit pond associations we must support.

I am hopeful we can come together as Islanders and mainlanders — we who love the ocean for recreating and spiritual fulfillment — we who all rely upon her one way or another for our livelihoods.

We can act together across generational, experiential and occupational lines to protect the ocean and all coastal and inland economies that rely upon her.

This is a critical issue; so please consider supporting it.

I’m with you for our one and only ocean.

Bob MacLean

Vineyard Haven