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The sunshine feels warming to my skin now that the wind has finally stopped. It was odd to need a jacket when the temperature was in the 50s and 60s. Constant wind has made the lack of rain more apparent, too. Everything feels so dry. Maybe the rain predicted for mid-week will have come by the time you are reading this column.

Hopefully, Debby Athearn will be home by then, too. Debby has had knee surgery in Falmouth, is doing great, and is eager to be home. Her son, Brian, expects she will be by Wednesday or Thursday. Knowing Debby, she won’t be kept down for long and will look forward to phone calls and visits from her friends.

Lynne and Allen Whiting will be in Boston for the day this Thursday, clapping and cheering as their daughter, Bea, is called up the aisle at Hynes Auditorium to receive her diploma. Bea will graduate from MGH Institute of Health Professions, having completed an accelerated Bachelor’s degree in Nursing. Next time we see her, she will officially be Beatrice Whiting, R.N. Congratulations, dear Bea, and wishes for a long and successful career.

Sue Hruby was in Boston over the past weekend participating in a writing workshop, “The Muse and the Market Place,” at the Grub Street Writers’ Collaborative. Elle Lash, Alice Early, and Al Woollacott also attended from the Vineyard. Sue said it was a stimulating and demanding weekend, and that she learned a lot.

Katherine Long reported seeing her first hummingbird of the season Monday afternoon.

Vineyard Knitworks has reopened after a month’s rest for Alix Small and her crew. Actually not all rest, as the store has been refurbished, restocked, and filled with all manner of temptations. There is nothing like a yarn store if you like color, texture, the smell of wool, and a project that will make something beautiful and useful.

I also needed a skein of bright pink yarn for a young friend I am teaching to knit. Alix’s choices are somewhat more earthy than girly pink, so I headed up the road to the Heath Hen, where Jan Paul had just what I wanted. Jan has lots of new yarns in enticing colors, too, and samples of projects I’m dying to make. Between the two stores, my knitting hobby is becoming ever more obsessive.

Many of us knew Deborah Moore when she was Deborah Yennie, living in West Tisbury, and active in the formation of the Land Bank. Deborah is living in Aquinnah now and has become a Certified Wisdom Healing (Zhineng) Qigong teacher and healer. “Qigong means a diligent practice of cultivating energy for optimal health, physically, spiritually, emotionally.” You are invited to try it yourself at one of Deborah’s weekly classes, Monday afternoons from 4 to 5:50, at the Howes House. Your first class is free, so give it a try. For more information, call her at 508-274-4241.

Martha’s Vineyard Democrats will meet this Saturday morning, May 11, at the Howes House to begin planning their participation in the up-coming special U.S. Senate election in June. The meeting is scheduled from 9 to 10:30 am. For more information, contact info@mvdems.org.

The Island Autism Group will meet from 1 to 3 pm this Saturday at the Edgartown School. “Future Financial Planning,” is a seminar for families with children with special needs. Attorney Fred Misilo will be one of the speakers.

Doris Clark is looking for housing for our baseball team players when they have home games. If you would like to host a Shark this summer, please call her at 508-693-5833.

I stopped by to visit Kara Taylor last week, to see how things are coming along as she readies her new gallery space for the summer. Kara has rented the former Stan Murphy Gallery/Gossamer Gallery on State Road, so she will be joining Allen Whiting, The Granary, The Field Gallery, and me in “the Athens of the island,” as Polly Murphy was wont to describe West Tisbury. Kara plans to open on Memorial Day weekend.

Mike and I were awakened Sunday morning by a ringing telephone and the voice of our dear friend Joanne Scott. “I’m a grandmother again.” Bianca Mary Stafford was born at 1:04 am May 4. She is the daughter of Ben and Katie Stafford. Besides Grandma Joanne, Bianca is welcomed by her big brother Benjamin and Katie’s mom, Grandma Kathy Matthews. Welcome, Bianca.

It’s been many years since I have had a feline companion in my studio. Grace wasn’t sociable, but now I have Porter. He appears soon after the door opens in the morning, settling in with Talley and me. Last week he settled himself so discreetly that I closed the door and left him inside all night. I awoke to find no kitten downstairs. I was frantic, threw on shoes, a jacket, and started up the driveway toward the road, fearing the worst. Fortunately, I remembered having shut Molly, one of our golden retrievers, in there many years ago, sound asleep behind a six-board chest. I opened the studio door to check. There was Porter, none the worse for his ordeal, just hungry for his breakfast. By the time I was dressed and ready to work he was waiting for me. He presented me with a nice mouse and strode back inside to his seat on the wing chair. I guess he didn’t bear a grudge.

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