Featured favorites: Books for mom


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“Home Made Summer” by Yvette Van Boven – This third in a series of cookbooks by Van Boven is a delicious collection of recipes with step-by-step instructions and beautiful photographs. It includes recipes for all meals along with appetizers, snacks, and desserts. Inspired by her childhood in Ireland and trips to France, she uses the fabulous fresh ingredients and local produce that so is bountiful in the summer months.

“Tapestry of Fortunes” by Elizabeth Berg – Grieving the death of her friend, Cecilia becomes immobilized until she receives an unexpected message from an old friend. She sells her home, quits her job, and moves to another city, where she shares a grand old house with three roommates, each with issues of their own. Together they share hopes, stories of missed opportunities, and the prospects of second chances.

“Motherland” by William Nicholson – Author and playwright William Nicholson brings us this dynamic novel of love. Set in World War II, army driver Kitty is loved by two best friends, Ed and Larry. She marries the dashingly handsome Ed, who returns to her and their baby daughter a struggling, troubled man. She and the not-so-handsome but decent Larry bond over their mutual shared past.

“Mom & Me & Mom” by Maya Angelou – When her marriage crumbled, Vivian Baxter sent her daughter, Maya, and her brother to live with their grandmother. When they returned home years later, Maya held deep resentment toward her charismatic mother. She soon found her mother to be both a fierce supporter and life-long teacher. Angelou learned the lessons that she would need to survive her own years of single motherhood. This book is a treasure for all who have loved the eloquent words of this American icon.

“Women of Martha’s Vineyard” by Thomas Dresser – On an island that has long appreciated the tenacity of its women, Dresser brings us the stories of a few of them that have found their way into the fabric of Island life. They were actresses, potters, innkeepers, poets, writers, horticulturists, tribal elders, activists, and mothers. They all shared a bold spirit and a grand love for the Vineyard.