Do you realize that Memorial Day weekend is next week? How did that happen? As I am every year around this time, I am ready for the summer cash but not quite ready for the relentless pace, the traffic and the entitlement. Oh well: ready or not, here it comes.

The blood pressure and wellness clinic will be held today, May 16, 2–3 pm, at the Aquinnah Town Hall. Free and open to all residents of Aquinnah. If you have questions, contact Mary E. McLaughlin, RN, Town Nurse at 781-534-2543.

The Outermost Inn opens for dinner tomorrow night. They will be open Friday-Sunday to start and then gradually go to six nights a week. Chef Scott Cummings will be cooking up some delicious food and of course Alex Taylor will be there most nights behind the bar or wherever she is needed, and that fact alone is enough to make me want to stop by. Call 508-645-3511 for reservations.

The Chilmark Tavern is opening on Tuesday, May 21, for dinner. Call 508-645-9400 for reservations.

The Chilmark Store has re-opened for the season. This has already saved me once this week when I remembered suddenly as my son and I were headed out to school, late of course, that it was my turn to bring snack and I did the mental calculations of how long a trip to Alley’s would take me and how much time I would lose at work as a result. As I lamented out loud my predicament, my son reminded me, “But mom, the Chilmark Store is open.” Yes, it is. Thank goodness.

Congratulations to our library director, Lisa Sherman, who is expecting a baby and who will be on maternity leave from, if all goes according to plan, the week of Memorial Day to July 23. Eight weeks in total. Now we all know that babies don’t always do things as planned, so these dates are estimates. And who will be filling in while Lisa is with her new bundle of joy? Some very wonderful librarians from around the island: Beth Kramer and Nelia Decker from the West Tisbury Library will be lending their CLAMS knowledge and expertise on Tuesdays and Saturdays, and (I am so delighted to say this) Jenny Christie will be in on Thursdays. This seems like a pretty good deal all around, Lisa gets to hang with her new baby and we get to hang with these fabulous ladies.

There was a little surprise baby shower for Lisa at the library this past Saturday that Barbara Lampson set up. I can’t believe that all of us who knew were able to keep the secret, but we were, and Lisa got pampered a little before the hard work and sleepless nights of babyhood arrive.

Happy Birthday, Mimi Trimmer! She is celebrating on Monday.