That little blonde-haired, blue-eyed firecracker that played the role of flower girl at Marshall’s and my wedding some 18 years ago walked down another aisle this past weekend. No, no, she’s not ready to marry, but Sarah-Jean Flanders did pomp and circumstance her way to a College of Charleston diploma. It’s hard to believe the youngest of the Flanders women has made the leap into adulthood.

Sarah’s sister Ali, who I thought was in California, came strolling through the door of the Texaco last week. It was an amazing surprise to see yet another firecracker Flanders. She planed, trained, and automobiled (ever seen that crazy movie?) 3,000 miles across the country to meet up with her father, Steve, so they could head to South Carolina for Sarah’s graduation. Eldest sister Genevieve is studying at the Medical University of South Carolina so she was already in town waiting for the festivities to begin.

June Manning was kind enough to shared some sad news the other day. Longtime Abel’s Hill summer resident Garth Edwards died at the age of 97 at his winter residence in Essex, Connecticut. A memorial service for both Garth and Ollie will be held sometime this summer.

Pneumonia can really knock the wind out of your sails. Unfortunately it managed to send Herb Slater to the MV Hospital. Jane shared he was doing much better under the care of some fabulous doctors and nurses. The team at MVH is skilled at keeping even the most stubborn of patients — Crickers are some of the toughest — on a tight schedule of medical treatment. Herb shall be back on his feet in no time flat. Jane’s mother’s day, even with Herb laid up, surely was a sweet one with Chris, Caleb, and Celia Slater visiting along with Sarah, Aaron, Scott, and Jack Bennett. I think there may have even been some striped bass in the picture.

Yes, the bass are making their way down the Sound and around the south side. Renew those salt water licenses and take to the shores, jetties and docks for some fishing thrills. Chris Jones and Sean Egan have managed to catch fish for dinner.

Well wishes to Roberta Morgan who has also been a visitor at MVH after having surgery. She, too, is on the road to recovery.

Jeff and Amelia Bezanson were in town prepping houses for the summer rental season. It was all hands on deck with Aleta Bezanson and Barbara Lagrotteria rounding out the “get it done” weekend. The lovely ladies are great with paint and, according to Jeff, have a keen eye for making their house look really beautiful. Aleta managed to capture her dad pressure washing in the rain. He got a chuckle when I showed him the picture was posted on Facebook for all the world to see. Twenty-first century technology is truly amazing.

Happy belated anniversary to Wanda and Keith Emin. The couple celebrated last week.

Happy and joyous birthdays to the amazing storyteller Lillian Kellman who celebrated on the eighth and to Sheila Price who had a houseful at her Middle Road home on the thirteenth.

Chilmark School principal, Susan Stevens, is seeking a volunteer to speak to the students on May 24, the Friday prior to Memorial Day, about what Memorial Day is. For as long as I can remember, the students have made their way to Menemsha, visited with the Coast Guard and thrown flowers in the water as a symbol of heart-felt wishes of peace and a sign of respect for those we have lost. If anyone is willing to join the children and share their story please contact Susan at 508-645-2562.

I’d like to send a little shout-out to Buddy Mayhew: Uncle Bud, the weather is better so it’s time to have a little sit in Menemsha. Maybe a sandwich, a V-8 and a Peppermint Patty should fit into your schedule sometime soon. Your presence is missed.