Only on the Vineyard


To the Editor:

Last week, I drove to Lambert’s Cove Beach for a late afternoon walk with my dog. I had my purse with me, so I locked the car and stuck the key in my pocket.

I returned an hour later, only to discover that my key was gone — the last time I’ll wear tight jeans with shallow pockets to walk the beach. I didn’t have time to retrace my steps to Split Rock, so I imposed upon a friend to pick me up, drive me home to get the extra key, and return me to my car. When we got back to the LCB parking lot, there was a note on my windshield: “I found your key on the path. It’s on the fence post near the flip-flops.”

I ran down the path to find the key as described, elated that I didn’t have to order another spare. But there was something more. Where else could you leave a key tagged “Honda CRV” on a fencepost and a note on a locked Honda CRV with directions to the key, and still find key and car waiting for you to return? We are blessed to live in a place where such things are not just possible but commonplace.

Oh, and to whoever found the key and left me the note, thank you.

Caroline Baum

West Tisbury