A plea


To the Editor:

Please if you can, check out the fundraiser my friend started for me. I would appreciate it more then anything if you guys could help me spread the word about my fundraiser. I’m reaching out for any help because I just gave birth to my new baby girl, Jaelynn Elizabeth Metell, on May 2, at 1:17 pm, weighing two pounds, eight ounces, at 29 weeks pregnant due to preeclampsia. She will be staying up in Mass General Hospital till at least mid-July (when I was supposed to be due).

This is why I’m reaching out for help. I need as much support as I can get to help me travel back and forth from the Island to Boston, as well as all other expenses, such as food, living, and all other expenses I may have for Jaelynn. It’s been a long week, but my family and I are taking it one day at a time. Anything will help. I’m in such a hard situation after loosing my job in the middle of March and being at high risk since around 16 weeks because of having a heart shaped uterus, making it very difficult for my baby girl to have enough room to grow.

Never in my dreams did I expect to go through what I had to, even knowing I was at high risk for premature labor. About five percent of women can be diagnosed with preeclampsia, I wasn’t so lucky. I’m very blessed that I and my baby girl are okay. It’s all going to be a process, but I would love more than anything to be with my baby girl while she goes through this. Again, I would appreciate if you could spread the word through an article to help my baby girl and me. Thank you.

Andrea Metell

Oak Bluffs

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