Poet’s Corner: Branch in Time


Branch in Time

Hanging low a broken bough scrapes the forest floor

Keeping time with the wind, it sways like an open door

Appendage of the ancient wood, if only it could speak

Words with truths about the world, while hanging in the deep

Branch in time one mighty oak, 200 more of age

Leafless now it takes a bow, in the dying of its days

It lived more life than many, many may ever see

Just hanging there and being a part, the appendage of a tree

Solitary movements alone in darkened forest fair

Branch in time living life, without a moment’s care

Climbing ever higher through its life to see

All the other branches, all his family

Once strong and mighty, reaching for the sky

Years have taken its toll, to the ground to die

Time does pass, nothing last, futures all been cast

Branch in time is all we have, and time is moving fast

Ask yourself this question

Is the branch I’m on real strong?

Am I going through life righteously?

Or am I doing something wrong?

Cause the branch in time waits for no one

You only get one chance

To fill your life, your branch in time

With love and deep romance!

“Branch in time it lives, only for today

Tomorrow its leaves may all get swept away

So may your branch in time upon this world be bright

May all that you conquer, be honest, true, and right

Never wait until tomorrow, to fulfill your own free will

Always take today to live your life your way!”

Philip A. Zentz

As a young man, Philip A. Zentz worked summers on Martha’s Vineyard, commercial fishing out of Menemsha and building stone walls. A retired carpenter, cabinetmaker and schoolteacher, he now lives in East Bridgewater but often visits relatives here.