Appreciation – no one deserves it more than nurses


To the Editors:This is Nurses’ Appreciation Month, and no people deserve it more than the hospitalist, nurses, and their assistants at the MV Hospital. Throughout my two long stays in the hospital this year, they consistently showed warmth, support and expertise. They took the time to answer the patients’ questions and to reassure us when problems arose. At all times, they genuinely wanted us to have the best care possible. What a truly remarkable staff. The hospital should be immensely proud to have such exceptional representatives.

It is unfortunate that some attending physicians lack almost all of these attributes. If the nurses can show patience and a genuine concern for our well-being, it behooves the doctors to devote more time, understanding, and commitment to the patients as well. They could learn a great deal from the nursing staff. They would become better, more sensitive doctors and more appreciative of the nurses themselves.

Harriet Barrow

Vineyard Haven