An outpouring of support


To the Editor:

It is with gratitude and sadness that I write this letter. We want to thank everyone in this very special community for their outpouring of support in the wake of the fatal attack on our little mini-horse, Majik. Majik was a very small, very loving little horse. Her favorite activity was to be hugged and patted. She was so gentle with children. Chance, her constant companion, misses her. We miss her.

The decision that was made by the owners of the dog was surely heart wrenching. I work with rescue dogs, cats, and horses, so I am familiar with the sometimes horrific circumstances from which these animals are saved and given a second chance at life. This was a situation in which everyone lost.

Our thanks to the MV Times for their excellent immediate coverage [One horse mauled to death, another injured in gruesome attack, May 11], likely helping to alert the community and bringing about a speedy resolution. Barbara Prada, Edgartown Animal Control Officer and the police did a wonderful job of resolving the issue quickly and efficiently, and our thanks to them.

At our barn, though deeply traumatized by the death scene, everyone has chosen to move forward. We look forward to a wonderful Vineyard summer.

Ellen and Ed Harley

Charleston, South Carolina