Poets Corner: The Woman in the Moon


The Woman in the Moon

Wisdom exists between the lines

In the void

In the blank pages of books

Within the circle

Wisdom that is feminine

See your feminine aspect

Look to the Goddess in he Moon

Rejoice that she is with you.

The ancients realized the importance of the moon

For illumination and night time navigation

She rules the calendar

Months change as she journeys through the zodiac

She makes her journey time

She creates a pathway to our inner selves

To the psyche, the anima, the female principle

Herein lie the secrets of the universe

Within the female principle

Her essence lies within each of us

Within our center

Combining the sun and the moon

Into a whole illuminating our being from within.

She smiles with a caring light surrounded by stars

Generating moon beams of love

She creates a silver glow over land and sea

Lighting our way in the darkness.

Rayeanne King

Rayeanne King says: “When the muse sits on my shoulder, I write or paint. Did fundraising for the arts while living in Boston. Love the Island and spent 40 wonderful years there. Spent 10 years in the Big Apple, love the City too.”