Sun shone on solar car race

Simone Davis and Frank Cray went head to head down the race track. — Photo by Ralph Stewart

For the first time in several years, the sun shone brightly for the solar car race on Saturday, held in Edgartown on the grounds of the Martha’s Vineyard Boys and Girls Club.

More than 200 elementary school fifth and sixth grade students from across the Island participated in teams, to build 97 cars, organizer Kara Gelinas said in an email to The Times.

The Cape Light Compact, the Boys and Girls Club, and Chilmark Chocolates sponsored the event.

“The purpose of the race is to teach engineering and physical science standards through a project focused on sustainability,” Ms. Gelinas said. “The students not only learn about energy, electricity, and building, but they also learn about photovoltaic panels and their potential to make clean electricity.”