Vineyarders excel at Worcester Classic

Braedyn Clark (left) of Vineyard Haven scores with a roundhouse kick during a sparring bout at the Worcester Classic. — Photo by Zach Clark

A contingent of 17 Vineyard martial artists, aged 8 to 53, showcased their skills May 4 in the 21st annual Worcester Classic Karate Tournament at the Habitat For Sports in Uxbridge. The participants competed in Kata (Forms), Sparring, and Weapons divisions.

Seven Vineyarders earned first-place finishes. Grace Oslyn, 16, high-red belt, was first in both Kata and Sparring, as were Cord Bailey, 17, red belt and Braelyn Clark, 9, orange belt. Grace also added a fourth-place finish in Weapons. Skip Bailey, 53, was first in Sparring and fourth in Kata. Ruby Reiman, 10, green belt, took home a first and second in Kata and Sparring. Amelia Simmons, 10, orange belt, placed first in Sparring and fourth in Kata. Zach Smith, 9, orange belt, was first in Sparring and third in Kata.

Other Vineyard competitors to place in the top five included: Jean Cleary, 51, black belt, Sparring (2nd), Kata (3rd); Ben Nadelstein, 14, high-brown, Weapons (4th), Kata (3rd); Gabriel Nadelstein, 13, high-brown, Sparring (3rd), Weapons (5th), Kata (5th); Klara Reiman, 10, green, Kata (3rd), Sparring (5th); Riley Yuhas, 10, high-orange, Sparring (3rd), Kata (5th); Annabella Arias, 10, orange, Kata (2nd), Sparring (3rd); Caleb Burt, 8, orange, Kata (3rd); Hudson Simmons, 13, orange, Kata (2nd), Sparring (2nd); Liam Dailey, 9, yellow, Kata (2nd); Nick Pecararo, 9, yellow, Sparring (5th).