West Tisbury


One of the best things about a covered porch is sitting out here in the rain. It’s early Monday morning and I awoke to a dark house, made coffee, and came out here to sit, wrapped up in my green shawl, with a soft moist spray hitting my face. Talley, Nan, and Porter are all here, too, spread across the floorboards.

The gray sky and wetness makes the garden’s colors appear even more vibrant, although this is the season for color in my garden. Orange poppies and purple iris are the dominant combination at the beginning of June. In the distance, the second flush of rhododendron flowers covers a range from bright pink to magenta to purple. It’s probably the prettiest my garden ever is. As Nelia Decker recently remarked, “The weeds are still low enough not to notice.”

Susie Middleton and Roy Riley have a newly built farmstand at their Green Island Farm, a stout structure with a tight roof now encloses the egg- and greens-filled refrigerator. Susie’s books and a variety of herbs, tomato plants, and other offerings fill the counter and shelves. Elegant new gardens grace the path leading to the stand and surround the gardens. Araucana chicks have hatched in a nearby shed, soon to join the 500-plus hens producing eggs in the yard down below. There is even a place to sit and enjoy the view. A green painted sign will replace the chalkboard announcing the name of the farm and daily offerings. It’s all right across from the Ag Hall on State Road if you haven’t been in yet.

Sadness for Eric and Molly Glasgow of Grey Barn, who have lost their summer’s production after a fire at their cheese-making shed last weekend. Thankfully, fire crews from West Tisbury and Chilmark arrived quickly and no animals or humans were injured in the fire. We will all miss their milk, cheese, and meat until the facility is restored.

Eating lunch the other day, I realized that everything I had prepared came right from town. Salad greens from Susie, feta from Mermaid Farm, asparagus from Margaret Logue. Dessert was fresh-picked strawberries from Mermaid Farm. I admit the olive oil and balsamic vinegar for the dressing was not local, but still, it does make an impression.

My own asparagus was disappointing. It tasted delicious, but there wasn’t much of it. This was the first year I could take asparagus and I liked eating it right as I stood there. I fantasize about the future. Margaret’s bed is always heavily productive. Since she, her daughter, Kathy, and I are the only ones who eat it, there is always a good amount. Never enough since I learned the recipe for roasted asparagus, but I don’t mean to be greedy. It’s definitely a treat.

My condolences to all who lost loved ones last week. There seemed to be so many obituaries in last week’s papers: Ed Child, Dick Smith, Shirley Tilton, Millie Briggs, Bob Wachsler, Paul Lebowitz. A particularly touching story was of a couple, David and Doris Cron, who died within hours of one another.

The Vineyard Montessori School still has spaces available for their Super Kid Summer Program. Take a look at their website: www.vineyardmontessori.com or call Deborah Jernegan at 508-693-4090.

The Vineyard Haven Library has invited artists/illustrators/teachers, Andy and Veronica Fish, for two workshops on Saturday, June 29. Cartoons for Kids ages 8 to 12 will begin at 1 pm. At 3 pm, ages 13+ are invited to explore making Japanese manga. The programs are sponsored by the Martha’s Vineyard Library Association and the Friends of the Vineyard Haven Library. Call 508-696-4211 for information and to pre-register.

Martha’s Vineyard Democrats will kick off Ed Markey’s campaign for U.S. Senate with an organizational meeting Saturday, June 8, 9–10:30 am, at the Howes House. Campaign literature and sign-up sheets will be available, also absentee ballot information. The special election is scheduled for June 25.

Make your reservations early for the MV Center For Living fundraiser at the ArtCliff on Tuesday, June 18. For $50, enjoy a raw bar and tapas prepared by Gena Stanley and Teddy Diggs, all supporting the Center For Living’s work. The Supportive Day Program, free taxi service for seniors’ off-Island medical appointments, the 55 Plus supplement, monthly luncheon program with MVRHS Culinary Arts Department, administration of FEMA funds to supplement fuel assistance programs, and an emergency food pantry are among their good works. Call Leslie Clapp for your reservation, 508-939-9440.

Mike and I took the dogs for a ride up Island yesterday. The scent of beach roses filled the car through open windows. Lobsterville and Red Beach are covered with them.