“Do not follow where the path may lead. Go, instead, where there is no path and leave a trail.” Ralph Waldo Emerson could not have said it any better. Bella Bennett, Cooper Chapman, Clara Maynard, Joe Rossi and Katy Smith have been raised well here in our town of Chilmark. June 9, 2013, marked the day they graduated from the Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School and stepped off the path their parents chose for them. Now, as young adults they will embark on both an educational and a life adventure. Whether it’s the Ivy League or a post-graduate year they will make memories and change the world one step at a time. Congratulations to all of you.

Landon Steere, grandson of Ed Sussman and Heather Sommers, is back in town for the three warmest months of the year. He recently graduated with honors from Northampton High School. Landon, a familiar face at the Texaco pumps, will be attending UMass-Amherst this fall.

Look who else wandered back to town. Sawyer Rothmann has completed his junior year at Avon Old Farms and has put back on his Texaco crew shirt.

And, if things aren’t good enough with two more of “my kids” in town, Aleta Bezanson and Barbara Lagrotteria are in town with a dear friend, Donna. Their getaway involved an open invitation to their nearest and dearest, so who knows who else may have wandered through the door to join in the fun.

Score! Ben Taylor scored the winning goal at the U-11 soccer match versus Sandwich. Adam Knight is also a member of the winning team.

Imogen Taylor celebrated her double-digit birthday on Monday. She celebrated on the open ocean with her dad, Stephen, and Captain Jennifer Clarke.

Speaking of Jennifer Clarke, has everyone seen her awesome new boat? Awesome is the one word that truly can describe it. Take a peek. Take a picture. Hire her for charter. Or Jonathan Boyd, Scott McDowell, Lev Wlodyka, or Annette Cingle. Menemsha charter captains are some of the finest.

Thunnus thynnus, commonly known as Atlantic Bluefin Tuna have made their way to the dinner table this week. Jeff Lynch, Paul MacDonald, Chris Jones and Karsten Larsen have studied the ways of these migratory pelagic fish and brought them back to Menemsha.

The children at the Chilmark School enjoyed their last seasonal community lunch of the school year. Chefs Robert Lionette and Kendra Buresch Carroll, along with some student sous chefs, prepared a meal using freshly harvested goods from the school garden. The event wrapped up with a visit from the young men of Vineyard Sound.

Don’t forget that, this Saturday, the fabulously fun children’s fair will be sure to gather a crowd at the Chilmark Church from 10 am to 12 noon. Cupcakes, pony rides, games, and old-fashioned fun. All are welcome and, to top it off, no admission fee will be charged. Are you interested in lending a hand, either setting up, cleaning up, or perhaps facilitating a game? Contact Julie Flanders at 508-645-3723.

To round out the weekend at the Church, Sunday June 16 the Jim Thomas Spirituals Choir will sing at the 9 am worship.

The Andresen-Simich clan is here from Colorado for the next four months. Erika and Stevan, along with sons Nathaniel and Kai, will call Chilmark home until they set off this fall for an around-the-world adventure. After a comfortable summer with grandparents Sarah and Spider Andresen, the four travelers will make their way to Uganda before continuing east. Their trip, which revolves around Stevan’s work, will last 12 to 15 months and take them full circle back to their Colorado destination.

Reaching the age of 90 is quite a feat for some, but not for a few of our lovely residents. Our nonagenarians include June Tabor who celebrates 96 today. Ninety-eight is the birthday Rena Fischer celebrates tomorrow. Also celebrating on June 14 is Marguerite Cottle. She will be 94 tomorrow. Let’s wish Rena a speedy recovery. She took a little tumble the other day, but I am certain it will not hold her back from cake. Yet, perhaps it will be one of granddaughter Alysse’s famous pies?

Pie. That’s a great word to end on. Pie.