High hopes diminished


To the Editor:

I had very high hopes for President Obama when he came into office. But I never asked him to provide me with 100 percent protection against foreign terrorists, in exchange for giving up my privacy.

I am in at least 10 times greater danger of being murdered by one of my fellow Americans, or of being hit by lightning, or being killed or maimed in a car accident than being blown up by some disaffected Chechen, Pakistani, or Saudi.

There are those who say that our enemies hate us because they are jealous of our freedom. Well, soon they won’t have cause to be jealous any more, since our freedom is being drastically eroded through thought police and secret FISA courts, until we end up like any other ordinary police state, but still thinking we are the greatest.

I will die sometime anyway, one way or another. I would prefer to do it in real freedom.

Brigitte Lent