To the Editor:

Welcome to another summer season. Soon it will seem that seven out of every 10 persons that you meet on the street will actually be from off Island. Martha’s Vineyard is an idyllic place where Islanders work hard so that you don’t have to do the same and so that you can enjoy your vacation.

Islanders have been busy preparing for our returning homeowners, visitors, and friends by repairing last year’s damaged window screens, landscaping your yard in a frantic effort to beat the arriving tenants and summer homeowners. Painters have been touching up your gutters; traffic police have been staffing up; the pizza restaurants have been folding boxes (Giordano’s is my favorite); highway departments have been repaving pot holes (thanks to WTHD, Richie and Jessie for the good job on Lambert’s Cove Road); the Norwegian ponies come back; restaurants get new chefs; and there are plenty of new artist shows to view. And there are Yard dances and our gorgeous beaches where you can spend a leisurely day. Just remember to pick up a Humphreys sandwich and a bag of sugar cookies before you go.

With all these great things to do, please remember to give extra time to people getting acquainted with our Island roads. Be nice, extra patient, and leave the outside world and its cares and worries off Island.

Relax. It’s summer, and you’re on Martha’s Vineyard.

Jim Powell

West Tisbury