Roundabout rules


To the Editor:

After reading Gerry Yukevich’s appropriate suggestion [What we need is a mulberry bush, June 5] that a mulberry bush be planted in the center of the Roundabout and a few past pro and con reactions to the relevance and effectiveness of the new Roundabout, I’m also making my declarative statement.

Fellow Vineyarders/drivers, beware. Let’s all be vigilant and mindful of those violators of the common sense rules of the road and Roundabout. Slow down when approaching and give right of way to a car that has already entered the Roundabout. Be ready to evoke a “citizen’s arrest,” a la Barney Fife of Mayberry, or at least record a license plate number of those drivers who disregard common sense and courtesy while driving into the Roundabout.

Let’s plant a Maypole in the middle of the mulberry bush so that each anniversary in May, the cited violators will have to dance/march around the Maypole as repentance for their offensive driving behavior in the Roundabout.

Bob Dusa

Oak Bluffs

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