Martha’s Vineyard restaurant menu items explained


Menus these days can be confusing for those of us unfamiliar with fancy and foreign terms for basic ingredients such as butter and pork fat. Here are a few terms that confused us and their definitions.

Airline Chicken: a chicken breast with drumstick attached, otherwise boneless

Beurre Blanc: “white butter” in French, this sauce is a combination of butter, white wine or vinegar, and shallots

Bolognese: a meat sauce

Chicken Saltimbocca: chicken topped with prosciutto and sage.

Confit: food that has been immersed in oil or sugar water prior to cooking or serving

Crostino: toasted bread

Fleur de Sel: a fine, hand-harvested sea salt

Lardon: small chunk of pork fat

Pomme Frites: basically French fries

Potato Dauphinois: potatoes in a butter and cream sauce

Ragout: when a stew is served as a main dish

Sabayon: a foamy, egg-yolk mixture.

Semifreddo: a half-frozen dessert, usually consisting of equal parts whipped cream and ice cream

Tapenade: an hors d’oeuvre common to southern France, usually consisting of finely chopped olives, capers, and anchovies

Veloute: a buttery sauce made with a light stock (in this case, black truffle — a type of French fungus)