Veggies for older Islanders


To the Editor:

Whether or not you’re a vegetarian, it’s a simple fact that some people are. Their reasons for such a choice are varied, but often deeply held. I’m writing this letter because of the lack of vegetarian food available to senior citizens in general, my mother in particular.

The wonderful organizations that provide meals for seniors don’t seem to have vegetarians in their sights. The health benefits of vegetarian diet aside, it seems to me that simple neighborly consideration ought to incite movement in this direction. I believe the oversight is simply that, and hope to see improvement.

The hospital cafe also provides good food for a very reasonable price. I’d love to see an actual vegetarian entrée offered daily. The fish, turkey, and chicken they do offer, although healthy alternatives, are still card-carrying members of the animal kingdom, who all support my petition, by the way.

Ted Box

Vineyard Haven