Martha’s Vineyard students celebrate last day of school

For West Tisbury students Andrea Pachico, Josie Merry, and Juliet Morse, school is out. — Photo by Ralph Stewart

Once the clock struck noon, Monday, hundreds of students dashed out of the doors of schools around Martha’s Vineyard and into summer vacation.

Sean Mulvey, assistant principal at Tisbury School, said the last day of school was bittersweet. “I saw a group of first graders tearing up, saying they didn’t want to leave,” Mr. Mulvey told The Times as he stood watching parents greet their children.

He pointed out that despite the fact that the last day of school, half day, occurred on a Monday this year due to snow days, he was happy to say that about 90 percent of students were in attendance. “We take it that they like it here,” he said with a smile.

Alexandra Wojnowski waited for her son, Jackson, a fourth grader at Tisbury School, with a mango smoothie and donut from Humphreys to celebrate the last day of school.

Jackson said he couldn’t wait to go to the beach and play. “I’m just going to wing it,” he said of his summer plans.

Nearby, 13-year-old Casey McCarron was having “the best week ever.” He was celebrating the last day of school, and he was going to continue the party into tomorrow. “It’s my birthday,” he said, adding that he’s excited about going to the Boys and Girls Club every other week. “They will go to the beach all summer.”

At the Edgartown School, it was big hugs and even bigger smiles on Monday. As soon as the buzzer rang, children and parents embraced in the foyer as teachers said their goodbyes

“That’s the ballgame,” a parent yelled as he picked his kids up from school.

Several students asked to stop in flight described their summer plans.

Nicholas Rabeni, 6, and Clara Rabeni, 3, have big plans this summer. “Were going to fun camps,” Nicholas said. “Swimming and golf lessons.” The Rabenis also plan on taking trips to Cape Cod and Pennsylvania to visit family.

“I’m gonna do golf lessons,” said eight-year-old Julia Murray.

“Maybe go to Long Island,” her older brother, 11-year-old James said. The Murrays also plan on visiting Cape Cod for some much-needed fun in the sun.

The ocean is nine-year-old Nia Hughes’s oyster this summer. “I’m taking sailing lessons,” Nia said with a big smile. Nia’s younger brother, Aidan, has more relaxing plans in mind. “I’m going to the beach,” he said. Meanwhile, Nia and Aidan’s younger brother, six-year-old Coleman, will be hitting the courts. He plans to take tennis lessons.

Eleven-year-old Tommy Sykes will channel his inner entrepreneurial skills over the coming months. “I’m trying to raise enough money to get a Wii U Lego City Underwater game,” he said.

Tommy said he plans on doing a number of chores in order to raise the money. “I’m going to make my bed, wash my dog, Biscuit, do the dishes. Oh, and make my bed.”

Tommy’s younger sister, Meg, 11, has other plans in mind. “I’m going to go to my grandma’s to play with my cat, Elby,” she said.

“She’s a cat expert,” Tommy said.