Ann Randolph brings “Loveland” to Martha’s Vineyard


On two successive Saturdays, July 6 and July 13, Ann Randolph will perform her critically acclaimed solo show “Loveland” at the Katharine Cornell Theatre on Spring Street in Vineyard Haven.

The performance melds humor with horror on an unforgettable cross-country flight that is both hilarious and deeply human. San Francisco Weekly and L.A. Weekly both called Ohio native Ms. Randolph “Best Solo Performer of 2010” for her portrayal of Franny Potts, a frenetic, sexually charged misfit overwhelmed by grief.

Franny must endure one of her life’s greatest tragedies while flying from Los Angeles to Ohio among a group of strangers. Her dialogue is often vulgar and inappropriate, but she is chock-full of identifiable truths, and her plight begs for empathy. Ms. Randolph flows through the many faces and emotions of Franny, as well as a handful of supporting characters, including a yoga instructor, a nursing home director, and Franny’s mother. Ms. Randolph’s award-winning performance reaches such levels of hilarity that Mel Brooks called her “a genius.”

Ms. Randolph will also hold a four-day writing and improvisation workshop, titled “Write Your Life,” starting July 7 at Island Co-Housing in West Tisbury. The workshop and creative retreat helps students to find their personal narratives through a series of group discussions, writing, and improvisation exercises. Topics will include discovering authentic voice, structuring narrative in a compelling way, and developing spontaneous creativity. “Write Your Life” is recommended for those interested in personal essay, memoir, solo performance, and self discovery.

Performances of “Loveland” start at 7:30 on Saturdays, July 6 and 13. $25; $20 in advance. Tuition for the “Write Your Life” workshop is $450. Visit for more information.