Cape Wind signs contract with Lawrence-Lynch Corp.


Cape Wind has signed a $15 million contract with Falmouth-based Lawrence-Lynch Corp. to provide the upland construction work required to bury Cape Wind’s electric cables. Lawrence-Lynch Corp. will also be responsible for providing a conduit for connecting the buried electric cables on land to the submerged ocean submarine cables by using a “directional drill” from the landfall point in West Yarmouth out to a temporary cofferdam they will construct in Lewis Bay.

“We are delighted to be working with an experienced Cape Cod contractor that can play this important role in building America’s first offshore wind farm,” said Cape Wind President Jim Gordon.

Lawrence-Lynch Corp.’s work will begin in 2014.

“We are excited about both the size and scope the Cape Wind project offers to our company; constructing the Cape Wind infrastructure system from out on Lewis Bay up to the Barnstable sub-station affords us opportunities that are not often available to the local contracting pool,” said Lawrence-Lynch Corp. President Chris Lynch.

“The Patrick Administration remains committed to growing the clean energy sector in Massachusetts to protect our environment, create jobs, and boost the Commonwealth’s economy,” said Energy and Environmental Affairs Secretary Rick Sullivan.

Cape Wind has sold 77½; percent of its power output in long-term Power Purchase Agreements to National Grid and NSTAR, the two largest electric utilities in Massachusetts. For more information, visit