Did you know Hogwart’s School of Witchcraft and Wizardry could be found on South Road last weekend? Yes, Minerva McGonagall herself invited perspective students to the home of Tyler Shipway for a birthday celebration. Fun was certainly had by all.

Congratulations to Christina Costello and Erik Cioffi. The happy couple celebrated their marriage surrounded by family and friends.

Robert, Stephanie, Jack and Clare Shalhope, in town from Denver, didn’t even have their bags unpacked before granddad Bob and Jack were perusing the lures and scheming on how to catch a big one.

Sarah (Slater), Aaron, Jack and Scott Bennett are moseying about town this week while they visiting Sarah’s folks, Herb and Jane. Hiking the mighty Prospect Hill, strolling Dutcher Dock, along with other fun-filled activities have made the to-do list.

Jonathan Neumann was in town from Portland, Oregon, to spend some time with his folks, Jane and Conrad Neumann. He is always a pleasure to chat with. All are looking forward to his return in a few weeks with Christina, Simona, and Elijah in the mix.

Arlan Wise and Jay Ayer are back from an exciting eight days in Costa Rica. They traveled with Michael Lutin with the purpose of finding a place in Costa Rica where Arlan and Michael could hold an Astrology/ Writing workshop. They found a terrific spot on the Oso peninsula. Once the work was done, sightseeing took them to the Arenal volcano, the cloud forest of Monteverde, and the Poas volcano.

Big, tender, juicy, overstuffed lobster rolls are being served up on Tuesdays at the Chilmark Church. Offered for a reasonable fee, they are sold to go with chips, drink, and optional cookie, and they certainly make the palate happy. Judy Mayhew and her dedicated group of friends including Kathie Carroll, Emily Broderick, and others will be at the Church Tuesday evenings from 4:30 to 7 pm. Stick around on the lawn and enjoy yourself, and maybe listen to the boys of Vineyard Sound who take the stage at 8 pm.

Congratulations to Sandra Klaren for completing the Vineyard Youth Tennis 5K along with her granddaughter Kelly. Both lovely ladies took firsts in their age groups. Sandra was more proud of Kelly than of herself, like every grandmother should be, but she did happen to have a shiny medal around her neck while we chatted.

Don Hurley has, once again, been spotted tooling around with longtime pal Wesley Cottle. Those two can certainly spark some banter when they are together. Don is getting around beautifully with his new hip. As always, I enjoy their visits because I know they will inevitably put smiles on the faces of all those they engage in conversation. There’s a poem that goes something like:

Smiling is infectious you catch it like the flu.

When someone smiled at me today I started smiling too.

It goes on for a few more lines which I won’t put in print, but rather I’ll simply say it’s what I think of when these two characters are around.

Bernie Levy was one of the luckiest grandfathers around. He had the pleasure of a visit from grandsons Sam and Josh along with their parents Sarah and Eugene Langner. They had a weekend filled with strolls along the dock, silly jokes, Snickers bars, and lots of laughs and giggles.

According to sports commentator Bill Edison, ten-year-old-to-be Sophie Balaban is not only the provider of sweet lemonade but a super pinch hitter and runner for the aged who show up at Flanders Field softball. A tipped red cap and toot of the horn go out to the young starlet at Flanders Field.

Yes, there’s more from Flanders Field softball. The neighbors may have thought they heard firecrackers this past Sunday in preparation for the Fourth. But no, it was the renaissance man himself, Peter Neuman, playing his French horn along with wife Liz on her tuba. They will be back for an encore performance this Sunday for anyone who missed their musical contribution to the game. Despite the soggy conditions, 40 players turned out for what ended up as a triple-header.

A big heartfelt thank-you must be extended to the folks at Island Spirit Kayak. The third and fourth graders at the Chilmark School marked the last day of their school year with a kayak adventure on Sengenkontacket Pond as part of the school’s unique Outing Program. Learning has no limits and can certainly be done outside of the four walls of a classroom. Happy Summer. Happy Fourth!