Time to get all decked out in red, white, and blue, fire up the grill, and partake of parade and fireworks to celebrate the land of the free and home of the brave. So go avail yourself of a backyard whiffle ball game and some apple pie and raise a glass to Lady Liberty. And if you happen to see any of Edgartown’s Finest patrolling nearby, offer those guys a hot dog or a soda. Someone’s gotta work so we can play, and those guys will be working around the clock so that everyone can have a fun, safe holiday.

The parade begins at 5 pm, beginning at the Edgartown School on West Tisbury Road. So get a good spot and catch some candy, dance and clap to the fine bands, and salute our veterans — and don’t forget to cover your ears when those fire trucks roll by. Once that’s over get on down to the harbor at dusk and check out the fireworks. So many oohs and ahhs are just waiting to be had!

Well, Cupid has certainly been busy lately as there has been a swarm of activity in the love arena. Helen and Ray Plummer celebrated their ten-year wedding anniversary on June 28. Also in the ten-year club, Jesse and Arielle Hayes celebrated their day May 24. Dave and I are only a couple months behind you folks. Get our merit badges ready!

Joining The Marrieds this week, Dave Berwind and Courtney Walker very excitedly and emphatically said, “I do,” at St. Elizabeth’s Church this past Saturday. Their ceremony was followed by a reception at the Ag Hall, complete with lawn games, juggling, amazing food, and of course, dancing. I can’t wait to watch these two happy kids grow old together. Congratulations and best wishes for a fun-filled future.

Years ago, I remember hanging out on Norton Point beach, doing the Sunday beach thing, and talking to a couple of kids about the future. You know, the usual “What do you want to be when you grow up?” line of questioning. One of these kids, who was probably about seven at the time, was Conor Smith. He stood up straight, puffed out his chest, and told me with all the confidence of a seven-year-old that he was going to West Point. I appreciated his gusto while knowing of the GPA, letters from senators, and general level of achievement necessary to obtain this goal. Well, guess who starts at West Point this week. Congratulations, Conor. You make us proud.

I’ve have word this week from Maryanne Jerome that on July 10, her father, Roy Langley, husband of Ginny Langley for 63 years, father of seven, grandfather of twelve, and Derby weighmaster, will celebrate his 85th birthday. Family from far and wide will be celebrating his day on July 9, which also marks Maryanne and Ed’s 25th wedding anniversary. Another tag for Cupid!

Birthday wishes go out this week to Maggie Brogan, July 4; Danielle Willett and Tina Humber-Floyd, July 5; Jonathan Laird, July 9; and Morgan and Sean Moriarty, July 10.