I’ve heard the term “dog days of summer” used multiple times over the course of the last week. The constant references prompted me to look up whether there was an actual definition to the term. According to the Farmer’s Almanac, there is an astronomical basis for the saying that means hot and humid. July 3 through August 11 is the timeframe during which the sun occupied the same area of the sky as the star Sirius, commonly known as the Dog Star. I learned something new today.

Jenna Zechner, sweetheart of Cody Coutinho, celebrated her birthday the day before we were hit by the dog days of summer. July 2 was her day to be in the limelight of happiness, parties, cake, and attention. Happy day Miss Jenna.

Also celebrating birthdays are Ted Meinelt who will turn 97 on July 15. Bob Conway will begin his life as a nonagenarian when he celebrates his 90th on July 16.

The Thursday holiday gave folks an opportunity for an extended weekend. The Patete family ventured to Menemsha on their boat, Panasea. They dined on lobster, had play dates with Westley Wlodyka and Christian Carroll, ran the dock adorned in life jackets, caught fish, and went home tired. All in all a good weekend.

Joe and Virginia Russell, whom you may remember from their days on Relemar, were also in town. Setting a spell on Squid Row, just like old times, catching up and reminiscing with old friends was certainly a highlight for all involved.

Also puttering around this past weekend you could find Marshall David off his boat, Echo. He had family members and friends in tow, which included Bob Allcock and George McLaughlin. Coffee and an ice cream rounded out their evenings as they chatted with family and friends.

Jerry, Lisa, Kelly, and Sean Keen made their way to Menemsha as well. When you see the green hull of Odontoblast coming through the jetties, you know you will soon be greeted with a hug, a kiss, a family full of smiles and genuine interest as they ask how the family is.

The entire Iantosca family has been at their Wooten Bassett home. Paul has had enjoyable outings with grandson Jaden, which always seem to include fishing and ice cream. Son Justin, who manned the Texaco pumps many years ago, stopped in for a visit too.

Lukas Frank, son of Scott and Jennifer, visited with mom and dad while his band Kitten was taking a short break from touring. He too is another Texaco alum who stopped in to offer to pull a shift for old times’ sake. As always, it’s great to see “our kids” and hear their life stories. They have all gone in so many wonderful directions.

Kudos to Aaron Bennett who reeled in a keeper bass the other night. It seems brother-in-law Caleb Slater isn’t the only one to put food on the table at the home of Jane and Herb.

Chilmark artist, Heather Sommers, will join Elizabeth Taft and Ruth Kirchmeier to talk about their art groups at the Shaw Cramer Gallery “Artists’ Talks” in Vineyard Haven on July 16 at 6 pm. Coincidentally, Heather’s daughter Lila is in town with her children, Landon, Rowan, Nevia, June, and Emmett.

Avid sportsman Bill Edison shared that Junior Farell put on quite a display at Flanders Field Softball. After a tremendous home run in the first game, he belted one so high in the second that it disappeared into the fog and didn’t return to earth for twenty minutes. Apparently this unbelievable feat was captured on film for those unbelievers and can be viewed by request. Junior has made his way in to the elite homer class — a sort of hall of fame situation — with the likes of David Flanders himself, according to Bill.

Chatting in the car with my ten-year-old, Brooks, resulted in his composing the following poem:

Summer is here. It’s hotter than hot. You can see the steam rising off your favorite fishing spot. Chogsies and scup fill our trap. We lay claim to a spot you can only find by secret map. With sunblock on my skin and salt in my hair, I stay up late and count days till the fair. Cooper is my councillor at Community Center camp. The one thing that is missing is a bike jump and ramp. I woke one morning to a baby chick in our coop. I’m doubtful it can reach the basketball hoop. It’s name is “Surprise” because that’s what he was. He is so small he’s covered in fuzz. When the sun goes down all the people clap. That’s my cue to go take a nap. Good night.