The 90th Edgartown Regatta

Opti sailors approach the windward mark, during a race on July 11.
Photo courtesy of Dickens Berwind, Bill Brine

Opti sailors approach the windward mark, during a race on July 11.

The Edgartown Yacht Club hosted the 90th annual Edgartown Regatta July 11-13. Local sailors from both the EYC and Vineyard Haven Yacht Club acquitted themselves well in the venerable Island event.


The top five finishers in each adult class were:

Herreshoff 12.5 (Five boats, seven races scored)

1. Rub a Dub Dub, Anne Kelly and Andy Houlahan, Edgartown Yacht Club, (9 points, 4 wins); 2. Old School, John Stevens, EYC (9 points, 3 wins); 3. Gail’s Gale, John Wasson, EYC, 22; 4. ON Y VA, Barbara Kende and Dianne Durawa, EYC, (23); 5. Friend Ship, Jennifer Blum, EYC, (23).

Rhodes 19 (Five boats, eight races scored)

1. Sandpiper, Rachel Romanowsky, Edgartown Yacht Club, (9 points, 5 wins); 2. Harms Way, Carol Berwind, EYC, (11, 3 wins); 3. Storm Dancer, Bill Schillhammer, EYC, (22); 4. Wasabi ex Flash, David Clinnin, EYC, (27); 5. Zenith, J. Indelicato, EYC, (34).

Shields (Nine boats, 10 races scored)

1. Syrinx, William Berry, Beverly Yacht Club, (12 points, 7 wins); 2. Amusing, Paul Mitchell and Jonathan Pope, EYC, (22, 2 wins); 3. Harrier, Shane Wells, New York Yacht Club, (31); 4. Deja Vu, Tim Klein and Alex Bombeck, EYC, (32, 1 win); 5. Trouble, Jeffrey Randall, EYC, (41).

Wianno Senior (21 boats, two races scored)

1. Beltrane, Jim Cunningham, Bass River Yacht Club, (2 points, 2 wins); 2. Mad Jack, Jack Hamilton, Hyannis Yacht Club, (6); 3. Smoke, Joe Lotuff, Wianno Yacht Club (6); 4. Scout, Sophie Pesek, Wianno, (10); 5. Aurora, Holly Edmonds, Wianno, (12).


Vineyard sailors placed first overall in both the Opti and Opti-Green classes. Miles Jordi of the Vineyard Haven Yacht Club won the Opti class, while Brooks Jordan of the Edgartown Yacht Club skippered Navigator to an Opti-Green win. Topping the fleet in the Club 420 class were Logan Russell and Maura Lonergan of the Beverly Yacht Club.

The top five finishers in each junior class were:

Opti (52 boats, 12 races scored)

1. Miles Jordi, Vineyard Haven Yacht Club, (31 points, 6 wins); 2. Gator Bait, Alex Gonsalez, Stage Harbor Yacht Club, (31, 4 wins); 3. Fruit Cup, Seth Rizika, Wianno Yacht Club, (38); 4. Brooke Shachoy, Beverly Yacht Club, (45, 2 wins); 5. French Toast, Henry Pardo, VHYC, (74).

Opti-Green (19 boats, 14 races scored)

1. Navigator, Brooks Jordan, Edgartown Yacht Club, (15 points, 9 wins); 2. Double Trouble, Victoria Reaman, EYC, (49, 1 win); 3. Explorer, Henry Jervis, EYC, (53); 4. Timothy Norton, EYC, (68, 1 win); 5. Juliet St. Germain, Vineyard Haven Yacht Club, (71, 1 win).

Club 420 (70 boats, 11 races scored)

1. Logan Russell and Maura Lonergan, Beverly Yacht Club, (34 points, 2 wins); 2. Parker Loftus and Geoff Owens, Stage Harbor Yacht Club, (39, 4 wins); 3. Sam Shannon and Rawson Clough, Vineyard Haven Yacht Club, (53); 4. Jackson Wagner and Anna Flaherty, VHYC, (59, 2 wins); 5. Kelsey Shakin and Olivia Gonsalez, SHYC, (67, 2 wins).

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