Concern for all parents


To the Editor:

The trial of Trayvon Martin is over. He has been found guilty of the capital offense of being rude to his elder(s). We didn’t get to hear his side of the story. Judge/jury/executioner saw to that.

Anyone acquainted with teenage boys knows they don’t always act with civility, and one who is accosted, in all likelihood belligerently, is even less likely to summon a Gandhi-like restraint.

We know Trayvon had marijuana residue in his system. Do we know what George Zimmerman had in his? Is there a test for venom?

On the night of the encounter, Trayvon was minding his own business. It seems fair to say that George Zimmerman’s intent was not to initiate a friendly chat — he’d brought along a loaded gun. He’s getting his gun back, you know.

And now, thanks to the Florida court, self-defense has taken on a whole new meaning, and all the other George Zimmermans in the country have a precedent to shoot first.

I am sad and concerned for all the parents and all their children — their burden of worry just got bigger.

Patricia Correia