Our vaunted justice system


To the Editor:

You go to the store to get some snacks. On your way home, you see someone stalking you. First, he follows you in a car, then he grabs you. He carries a gun, you are unarmed. If you are anyone living in today’s America, you will come to the immediate conclusion that you are being mugged.

This happens in Florida, where they have a law saying that if you are scared, you get to stand your ground, that is, to defend yourself. If you have nothing but your bare hands to do it with, you try to knock the mugger down and do whatever it takes to make him cease and desist. Mind you, you don’t kill him.

Like most bullies, the attacker is easily scared and does not take kindly to his own bleeding nose. He pulls his gun and kills you, point blank.

This guy, who turns out to be a busybody neighborhood watchman with an attitude, is absolved by a jury of his peers and even gets his gun back — vindicated, to do it all over again?

This is our vaunted justice system?

Brigitte Lent