Yippee, congratulations, best wishes, and super big embracing hugs must be shared with Johnny Graham and Lori Robinett. Yes folks, Mr. Graham has asked Ms. Robinett to be his Mrs. What a wonderful pair they make. They smile at each other. They finish the other’s sentences. They clearly enjoy one another’s company. It will be a blessed union for certain.

For the past two weeks, Ava Stearns, daughter of Bret Stearns and Sarah Doyle, has been riding ponies at this summer’s Vermont Summer Festival Horse Show at Harold Beebe Farm in East Dorset, Vermont. Under the tutelage of trainer Val Renihan, she has medaled and taken victory laps saddled upon Desperado, Denmark, and Little Dancer.

The cousins were in town this week. Jennifer Wheeler along with her sons Jack and Sam ventured north from Dallas to breathe the salt air, take a dip in the Atlantic, and visit with us. I am always thankful they take the time to come see us. It takes a plane, a bus, and a ferry to get here, but they do it without breaking stride. Their presence allows me a few minutes of vacation for myself. Digging in the sand at Great Rock Bight was certainly a highlight, and of course the large quantity of bacon that was cooked for the boys each morning cannot go without mention. My mom, Diana Lees, and her sister, Wendy Broker, joined us for a couple of days as well. It was great fun having three generations under one roof.

Next Wednesday, July 31, at 5 pm, photographer and Middle Road seasonal resident Mariana Cook will talk about and show images from her new book, “Justice: Faces of the Human Rights Revolution,” at the Chilmark Library. She was lucky enough to study landscape photography as the last protégée of Ansel Adams, whom she studied with from 1978 until his death in 1984.

Amber Lasiak, who is visiting with Josh and Lindsey Scott, wandered over to Flanders Field Sunday Softball to check things out this past Sunday morning. When she arrived she encountered none other than world-famous sports commentator Bill Edison. The funny thing is, Amber attended the preschool Bill was affiliated with back in his off-season hometown of Elk, California. Goodness, crazy things happen around here that make you repeatedly say, “What a small world.” I’m sure Amber is one of the students that recalls Bill’s fine rendition of Billy Goat Gruff (yes Bill, I did some research). Of course, Amber joined in the game and readily got a hit. Did you ever hear the story about sneaky Bill rubbing pine tar on his bat? He was apparently suspended from playing and became a commissioner instead. It’s there in the record book of softball historian Dan Greenebaum. Just ask him or show up at the next game. You know you will be welcomed.

Sometimes Sunday evenings leave you searching for something to do. Weekend visitors have departed and you might be feeling a tad too lazy to fire up the grill or man the boiling pot on the stove. Why not take in dinner and some live music. You needn’t venture out of town. Just stroll down to the Home Port, order up a little back-door yumminess and enjoy the young men of Vineyard Sound. They are fun.

Congratulations and belated happy birthday to Bob Nixon. Bob has been chosen as a Walter Cronkite Award winner. According to the Stone Soup Leadership Institute, the awards are presented to those using the power of the media to create positive social change in the world. This year’s theme for choosing the winners is the environment.

If you are looking for Wesley Cottle, he just might be napping. His longtime pal Don Hurley has ventured back to his home in New York for a spell. The dynamic pair will fill their schedules and begin tooling around again in just a few short weeks, when Don returns.