Disrespectful treatment


To the Editor:

In regards to South Beach should not be a mess, a letter written by Ellen T. Miller, I am so glad to see others finally speak out about the obvious summer people and some new Island folks who are not only abusing the privilege but are blatantly abusing and arrogantly disobeying basically all our laws and bylaws as they leave all their common sense, respect, and courtesy in the trash can when they buy their ticket to the Island in Woods Hole. As a several generational year-round native, I am offended.

They also park their cars, trucks, vans, and rickshaws on our very fragile dunes and allow their kids to play ball, take family pictures and let their small kids use the dunes as toilets, then leave diapers there. Parents leave a terrible example for their kids, and we see this getting worse year after year.

In closing, be advised that you are not entitled to come to our Island and treat it like a cheap carnival ride, and we expect that you act as we do when we visit your hometowns and states which is with respect and would hope you raise your children to do the same. We also teach that they not be afraid to speak out when we and our Island are treated in such a disrespectful and disgraceful manner without feeling that we are being politically incorrect and offending everybody.

We would recommend that all those concerned citizens simply call the non-emergency communications number at 508-693-1212 and covertly report any and all violations. The police are happy to respond, as that also creates great revenue which is so badly needed to clean up in September.

Because only a couple of people have spoken up in the past, we now have this terrible mess, and to those few that have fought to bring awareness and enforcement to this and other Island issues, our family thanks you very much.

Susan C. Lake


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