Shame on the litterers


To the Editor:

My husband and I walk the waterfront in Oak Bluffs every day. Each year the trash along the side of the sidewalk gets worse. We like to sit at the jetty and watch the boats come and go. Again, each year the trash down amongst the rocks gets worse with beer cans, wine bottles, plastic bags, cigarette packs, and thousands of butts, not to mention that with the heat comes a stench from who knows what?

I assume that most of this dumping goes on in the hours of darkness when people think no one sees them throwing their empties away. Is there a way of patrolling this area better or would it be a good idea to bring the convicts from the jail out and give them something to do — last year we actually saw them, in their orange suits, cleaning the banks along the road one day.

Shame on all who trash our beautiful Island.

Cynthia Harriman

Oak Bluffs