Tarnished memories


To the Editor:

Imagine our shock on Saturday, after a lovely family stroll through the gingerbread houses, when we came upon the shark tournament. It was a truly barbaric display and the antithesis of the Vineyard we know and love.

Adults encouraged children to participate in the dismemberment of the sharks, and all celebrated the grizzly displays of bloodied, severed sharks heads.

My nine-year-old daughter said,”I can’t get that awful image out of my head, Mom.”

With the dwindling populations of sharks worldwide, we could not understand how this was taking place and with such brutality. I encourage Oak Bluffs to enforce the catch-and-release measure next year or not host it at all. Our family always looks forward to our time on Martha’s Vineyard, and this event really tarnished our good memories.

Amy Budden

Los Angeles