Better nursing care may be a ballot issue


To the Editor:

The Massachusetts Nurses Association is putting a ballot question on the 2014 Massachusetts ballot. Legislation filed since 1995 has failed to come up on the Senate floor despite being passed twice in the House. The legislation/ballot question is an attempt to provide safe care for all Massachusetts patients while they are in the hospital by establishing a maximum amount of patients a RN should care for at any one time. The nurse-to-patient ratio would vary depending on patient’s condition and the type of care needed.

Every person that lives in Massachusetts should take the time to go to the Facebook page, Just Ask About Patient Safety, or you can go to the website to see what we are doing and to help get answer to any questions you may have. Your wellbeing and that of your loved ones rests in the balance.

I am a retired registered nurse with 40 years at the bedside and don’t have to work in those poor staffing conditions anymore. But I still have a horse in the race. My two grandsons are two good reasons that I am actively involved in this campaign. I want them to get the best care possible if they ever need to be hospitalized. Grandpa is not always going to be there to see that it happens. Established nurse to patient ratios will give them a fighting chance to have a positive outcome. Look around, and I am sure you will see that you have a few good reasons to support this initiative also.

Rick Lambos