August. It’s hard to believe the entire month of July has come and gone. August has so many things to offer it is hard to believe they are all jam-packed into this one month. Illumination. Fireworks. Agricultural Fair. Bonito. The dog days of summer, which we defined not too long ago, are drawing to a close yet there is still time for trips to picnic point, a frolic through a sprinkler, fun times at camp, beach dates with good buddies and more. August certainly plays a pivotal role in the season of summer. Soon it will be time to change out the line and tie on new lures as the Derby will be here sooner than we know it.

Zee and Bill Gamson are having a grand time with their daughter, Jenny, her husband, Steve Seckler, and two out of three teen grandkids, Maya and Ari. The third teen, Gilad, is at camp in Great Barrington working as a counselor before starting at Brown University. Joining them from Oakland, California, are son Josh, son-in-law Richard Knight, and the always adorable Reba and Maddy. Bill’s sister, Mary Gamson, will also join them. This will be a big pick-me-up for Zee, who had a bad fall in early July and injured her right shoulder and hand. Well wishes to you, Zee.

Chandra and her husband, Lawrence, along with their children, Lucas and Ella, will be visiting with Chandra’s parents, Julie and Bill Coleman. Congratulations to Chandra and Lawrence on their marriage which was celebrated in February. Also coming for a visit is Julie and Bill’s nephew Phil Hurst with his wife, Sylvia, and their two grown sons, Clay and Alek. Rounding out the visitations at the Colemans’ South Road home is Margot Jones. Margot is the one that introduced all of the Coleman entourage to the Vineyard some 30 years ago.

Condolences to Joannie Jenkinson on the sad passing of the young cygnet, Ricky. Whether you think of Joannie as Dr. Doolittle or Mother Goose, she is an amazing asset to the world of animals, be it large or small. A quote from Mother Goose seems appropriate right about now as most of us know Joannie went to world’s end to see that four-month-old Ricky got the medical attention he needed: “For every ailment under the sun, there is a remedy, or there is none. If there be one, try to find it; If there be none, never mind it.”

I was happily surprised to see dear, sweet Genevieve Flanders come wandering through the door at the Texaco. She and her sisters, Allison and Sarah, are a few of my most favorite visitors. Gen arrived for a week-long stay with her father, Steve. I spotted her later that same day headed for a dip in Vineyard Sound with youngest sister Sarah. The two young women had fluffy beach towels tucked under their arms.

It was a fast-acting response from a teenage son that resulted in a water rescue with a happy ending at Great Rock Bight this past week. A call came in to communications reporting a man drowning. One of the first on scene was Chilmark Police Chief Brian Cioffi along with officers Liz Gebo and Jared Stobie. They found the man had been assisted on to the Great Rock by his teenage son. Chief Cioffi managed to swim to the father and son with a life jacket where they all were retrieved moments later by the Aquinnah Tribe Marine Unit rigid inflatable. The men were taken to Menemsha where they were intercepted by Tri-Town Ambulance and taken to Martha’s Vineyard Hospital. It was an amazing collective effort by so many. In addition to the Chilmark Police, Tri-Town, and the Tribe, the Chilmark Fire Department and U.S. Coast Guard also responded. It was well orchestrated right down to the kids at the Texaco aiding to direct busy sunset traffic so the fire truck and ambulance could roll out unobstructed.

There were reports of two sharks being sighted at last week’s Flander’s Field softball. Jerry Murphy, manager of the Sharks, showed some mad skills (“mad” is a popular term these days similar to the “awesome” of the 1980s) at his 65 years young. John Jacobs was in attendance with his traditional shark cap cheering the players along. There are reports from the Commish, Bill Edison, of a striking new red banner. He says he has pictures to show me. I’ll be waiting.