Intolerable inconvenience


To the Editor:

The news that South Road will be closed during the president’s visit is a stunning indication of how paranoid the Secret Service is. The inconvenience to those living in the area, both year round and part time, is significant, while the benefits to the president are non-existent. The house he is staying in is set back quite a distance and not visible while driving by. Security personnel can keep traffic moving without closing the road.

While I expect and welcome inconveniences during a presidential visit, there are limits to my tolerance. My wife and I lived in DC for 35 years. I fully understand that traffic will be stopped for a time or rerouted when the president is out and about. It was a price I willingly paid while living in the nation’s capital. But being forced to wait while a motorcade went by or detour several blocks out of the way in a city is one thing. Driving many miles out of the way to travel up-Island during the busiest season of the year on this Island is quite another.

I hope the powers that be on the Vineyard will strongly protest the closure and that the Secret Service will respond with some degree of understanding about the intolerable inconvenience they are causing.

Richard Chused

West Tisbury