Tremendous efforts by hospital staff


To the Editor:

Living on Martha’s Vineyard is often times a trade-off. We trade convenience for the unique beauty and sense of place and time this island offers. Mail takes a day longer to receive, if we’re lucky. Groceries and gas are more expensive. Nothing is open 24-7. Seasonal rent hikes necessitate the Island shuffle for many. There is the summer traffic, lack of parking, and the crowds. But, whether seasonal or year-round, we all know it’s worth it.

What we have not traded away, however, is the incredible medical care and expertise offered by the doctors, nurses, and medical personnel at Martha’s Vineyard Hospital. After boats stopped on Friday, July 26, my wife, Elizabeth Anderson Moriarty, presented to the hospital with abdominal pain. We were expecting twins, but still shy of seven months into the pregnancy. Due to the preparedness, professionalism, and swift and unequivocal action of Dr. Stewart, nurses Bozena Michalczuk and Carla Furtaw, and many others I am unfortunately unable to name, we were quickly triaged, assessed, diagnosed, and transported by helicopter to Massachusetts General Hospital where, early Saturday morning, my wife gave birth to two beautiful children, Maeve Eleanor and Finnian James Moriarty.

Although we have a long road ahead, I have no doubt that our family would look very different than it does today if not for the tremendous efforts, concern, and devoted attention of Martha’s Vineyard Hospital staff members and the Boston Med-Flight crew. We are truly blessed to have such wonderfully talented people in our community. Thank you, from the bottoms of our hearts.

The Moriarty Family

Tim, Liz, Finnian and Maeve