Just like in the major leagues, Flanders Field summer softball has some rookie players that are sure to become all stars in the future. Marguerite Benson has grandsons Lucas and Ian visiting. The young cousins, fathers in tow, purchased gloves and bats then took to the field for practice. These soon to be all-stars have ensured there will be games played and played well far into the 21st century. The farewell softball barbecue party is still in its secretive stage according to the Commish Bill Edison. Votes are being tallied for MVP and the Howie Hustle trophy. Apparently, Arlen Roth hurled a shutout and feels he deserves it. This, of course, is all hearsay.

Ian Yaffe, along with brother Zak and lovely mother, Anita, spent a long weekend puttering about town. I’m sure many of you remember Ian from his time working for the harbor department or, perhaps, volunteering for the fire department. He really was a great sunset tee-shirt salesman. It was a quick weekend trip but he promises to be back in September for a week long stay.

The Simonsen Family is celebrating the life of Vibeke Andrea Simonsen, who passed away September 14, 2012. The family will host a get together at the Simonsen family home on Flanders Lane in Chilmark on Saturday, September 21, 4–6 pm. Please join them to share thoughts and stories of the lovely woman whose license plate read “VIBS.”

Not only is Carlos Montoya of Tabor House Road Everly and Joaquin’s dad but he is the super amazing chef at Sweet Life. Carlos had the honor of preparing dinner for the Obamas Sunday evening. I happened to be across the street at Union Chapel for the Built on Stilts performance. Let me tell you, the crowd was clapping, screaming and flashing their cameras at the tip top of Circuit Avenue. I am pretty sure some of that clapping and hollering was in honor of Carlos’s remarkably cheffy skills.

Dan Lemieux along with his bride Ellen and sons Eli and Jack are in town this week. It may seem as if they are being hosted by the Secret Service, but they are, in fact, being hosted by Mary, Perry and Gabe Ambulos. Dan, former Chilmark special police officer of days gone by, is making the rounds and saying hello to old friends. He mentioned having a lovely chat with great-grandma Bette Carroll.

Stan and Marie Mercer recently returned from a driving adventure to Bay Roberts, Newfoundland. On the way north to the birthplace of Stan’s father, the couple stopped in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. From North Sydney, N.S., they travelled by seven-hour ferry to Port Aux Basque, Newfoundland. Stan’s father had described it as a beautiful place and, now that they have been there, Stan and Marie concur. The scenery is vast with a few small villages popping up here and there. One of the highlights was a whale and puffin cruise from Bay Bulls Harbor. The return ferry ride, according to Stan, made for a very long day. The Blue Puttee ferry ran aground before even getting out of port. The ferry rested partially on a dock for eight hours and when it ran aground, the tide was still going out. When it was freed, it returned to its slip to be assessed. Its passengers disembarked and then embarked on a journey aboard Highlander. That trip, along with the journey to Woods Hole, were uneventful.

I’d like to extend my condolences to the family of Jeff Kurth, who passed away this past weekend after battling illness for years. He was a man I never heard complain even if the chips appeared to be stacking up against him. It was an honor to know him.