Her plea answered


To the Editor:

Will the person who stole my caution signs – those little, green, neon men with red caps and flags – that are used to caution drivers to the presence of children. Please, just return them by throwing them over the roses into the yard at the corner of Seaview and Canonicus in Oak Bluffs.

They were tied to the trees only by strings to keep a gust of wind from blowing them into traffic, not to challenge you.

You may have set the bar at a new low for defining petty theft.

[Ah, but happily there is another side to this coin. A few hours later, Ms. Hanson wrote again. Ed.]

Follow up to a letter sent last night.

Crime solved, by none other than an IT person at The Times, who upon reading the letter contacted me with the funny news that they were found on the 14th tee at Farm Neck, off the beach road, by the maintenance crew, of which he is also a part. Thank you, Rick Mello.

Thea Hansen

Oak Bluffs