With humble thanks


To the Editor:

Once again we have been reminded how lucky we are to live in this very special community. We thank everyone who rushed to her side when our mom needed support after her car accident last week.

One of the problems with a note like this is that inevitably people who deserve mention will be left out, so first, we would like to thank the unsung heroes who came to her rescue. We want to give an extra special thanks to Molly Chvatal who got Mason out of the car and kept him calm while EMS tended to mom. We are grateful to all of the emergency services personnel, especially the Tri-Town Ambulance crew, who so skillfully transferred her to the wonderful hospital staff, who put her back together and started the healing process.

Now that mom is home, we want to remind our community to always wear your seatbelt and always, always, always buckle up your little ones in an age-appropriate car seat.

Ben and Quinn Retmier

West Tisbury