No then, no now


To the Editor:

With all of the articles, quotes, changing opinions, I-told-you-so’s and I-was-wrong’s about the Roundabout that have appeared recently, let me add a very different perspective to the conversation. As a member of the Martha’s Vineyard Commission, I voted no twice, in both cases for the same reasons, even though I was sure the Roundabout would work. To me, that was not the issue.

For the life of me, I could not figure out what we would do with all the time we would save by not having to stop and wait at the four corners.

More importantly, I never believed the Roundabout to be necessary for any reason. All it does while fouling up traffic at the Triangle and State Road intersections is sit in the middle of the countryside as another omen of undesirable suburbanization, which I believe we can and should do without for as long as possible.

Ned Orleans

Vineyard Haven