A neighbor needs some help


It’s 3:15 am again, and Denise Guest is still awake trying to comfort her daughter, Jillian. Jay and Denise Guest have been taking turns at the Jillian’s bedside at Boston Children’s Hospital for the past 147 days. It is a labor of love, what else can they do? They want only that their beautiful daughter Jillian recover and be able to resume her life again.

On March 28, Jillian suffered a broken femur, which was inoperable, resulting in Jillian having to have pins in her knee and to be placed in traction. The Guest family learned that Jillian was not readily producing new bone, and a six-week plan has now turned into a 147-day nightmare.

Jillian has always had a very special place in her family’s heart and in the Martha’s Vineyard community, her home. She was born prematurely at 23 weeks. This unfortunately resulted in blindness and serious physical challenges for Jillian. She has fought hard, overcoming so many of the hardships that life has put in her path. She graduated from the Perkins School for the Blind in 2011, and moved to Cape Cod where she has been living for the past year and half.

She is a happy person who has only known love, and she is an optimist just like her mom. Most people could not deal with the everyday struggles that the Guest family has gone through. What is really amazing is how they have done it with grace, dignity, pride, always a smile, and always ready to help others. They have been so strong for so long, but now they alone cannot carry the weight of this injury to Jillian and its stubbornness to heal. They have fought the good fight, but they are exhausted physically, emotionally, and financially. Besides being in traction and working with pain management, Jillian has had numerous infections. While trying everything possible, just this week there has been a small ray of hope. A recent x-ray has shown that there is the beginning of bone growth. This is due to a new procedure that a friend of Denise’s mentioned to her on the ferry late one night, while coming home from Boston. Denise, Jay, and Alex, we are all hoping and praying for Jillian’s recovery,.

In the meantime, a fund for the Guest family has been established through You’ve Got a Friend Inc. If you would like to send a donation it may be sent to: You’ve Got a Friend Inc., PO Box 1317, West Tisbury MA 02575. All checks should be made payable to YOUVE GOT A FRIEND INC.

Please let them know that you would like your donation to go to the Guest family by adding a sticky memo to your check with “Guest Family” noted on it.

If you have questions, please call 508-693-8329.

Karen Overtoom

West Tisbury