These women can really hurl a skillet

Martha Scheffer had the longest opening round throw of any competitor — 55 feet even. — Photo by Ralph Stewart

The pulling ring at the Fair was ringed with hundreds of spectators on Sunday, awaiting one of the fair’s most popular events, the annual skillet toss. The competitors were Islanders and visitors, novices and experienced tossers, who — when they aren’t heaving cast iron cookware — are writers, students, artists, and retired teachers ranging in age from late teens to a hearty 95-year old. Getta Gemring traveled the farthest, all the way from Frankfurt, Germany, to compete.

Without further ado, here are the Skillet Throw results in each category. The longest throw of the day, which earned her first place in her age group was by Martha Scheffer at 55 feet.

Once the winner in each age group is determined, they face off in a one-throw championship round. Kara Shemeth won the championship with a throw of 54’5″.

Ages 18-29: 1st place, Martha Scheffer (Edgartown) 55 feet; 2nd place, Maggie Riseborough (Tisbury) 50′ 7″; 3rd place, Lilian Deford (Bozeman, Mon.) 48′ 7″.

Ages 30-45: 1st place, Kara Shemeth (Edgartown) 52′ 6″; 2nd place, Karena Hammarlund (West Tisbury) 51′ 3″; 3rd place, Jane Bollin (East Sandwich) 45′ 1″.

Ages 46-64: 1st place, Niki Patton (West Tisbury) 38′ 1″; 2nd place, Melissa Manter (West Tisbury) 36′ 7″; 3rd place, Susan Herr (West Tisbury) 36′ 1″.

Ages 65 and over: 1st place, Ellen Diss (Atlanta, Georgia) 31′ 4″; 2nd place, Harriet Kantrowitz (Brookline) 30′ 4″; 3rd place, Carol Forgione (Edgartown) 28′ 6″.