No way to treat animals


To the Editor:

My family and I just arrived on the Island from Las Vegas and made a trip to The Fair on Friday. We were having a great time until we saw the horror of the animal barn – animals in cages so small they could not turn around or move, and it was so hot that afternoon.

There were cages after cages. Rows and rows of nothing but caged animals for public spectacle. Who cares if they won blue ribbons, they are living, breathing creatures who feel pain and suffering, feel heat and cold, feel love and nurturing as well as fear, just as we do. Where are the laws protecting these animals.

The geese, three to four in a small cage as you walk into the barn, were totally unable to move or turn around, and they were like this for 10 hours a day, four days in a row.

This is an outrage. There were many people who voiced their outrage at this total lack of compassion for these little animals. This was a very sad day for us. If the animals can’t enjoy their lives, how could we.

Al and Hailley Simpson

Las Vegas and Chilmark